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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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happened to my building. i was really scared. >> he showed us the entire thing caught on his surveillance cameras. monday afternoon, atf agents conducting an operation near a facility ended up getting in some sort of confrontation and chasing down a suspect who is what is he became careening through the parking lot near the missing a bunch of his customers sitting outside eating crabs. >> the came to my parking lot and hit one of my suvs. it really hard. then he is trying to go out and hit one of the big polls. my sign there and into the street. >> paul logan was the unlucky one who had his truck a total by the suspect. he was just glad he was not sitting inside. >> we heard gunfire. we all ran because of the gunfire. i am not trying to catch a stray bullet.
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>> official said seven suspects were taken into custody including the driver of the of control suv who ended up crashing into a pole further down west but tesco ave. one atf agent was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. gunfire wa exchanged between the suspects and atf agents. more than 40% off from the swap and violent crimes team are involved. he is just relieved nobody was killed appeared >> i am so happy nobody was hurt. my customers are safe. >> as far as the atf agent was taken to the hospital, he has since been released. federal prosecutors are reviewing the case. as far as seven suspects arrested, their names have not been released. we are live in south baltimore, lower muzzlers, the bba ltv's. >> -- lowell mesler, wbal tv
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news. >> the case in baltimore circuit court frequently ghettos, but not for the reason i came into play today. the judge assigned to hear the case against julius henson recuse himself saying he could not fairly preside over the case because he is a political employee. -- appointee. henson is accused of using robocalls to keep black voters at home. the decision now pushes thehenson case to february. >> he was a recent appointee of gov. o'malley. he felt that it would be a conflict for him to hear this case. >> how hard is it to take on some politics in a case like this? i think it is impossible. >> the judge assigned to hear
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the hansen case in february was a appointed by ehrlich. the other defendants in the case, paul schurick, is to be heard later in the month. a police guard and has been discussed in the hands and kiss, but no deal has been made. -- a plea bargain has been discussed in the henson case, but no agreement has been made. >> you can listen to the robocall and see prior stories from jayne miller on as former prince george's county executive and his wife with for sentencing, we now have access to the wire tape recordings made on the day of their wrists. you can hear fbi agent spending on the door as he tells his wife to close at $100,000 check on the toilet and hide nearly $80,000 in cash.
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>> de you have the cash? >> yes. what do you want me to do with this money? they are banging your >> put it in your panties and wlak out of the house. >> all of this cash. >> put it in your panties. >> oh my god. ok. >> both pleaded guilty to charges of evidence and witness tampering. jack johnson admitted to extortion. it will be sentenced in december. >> police are investigating a body in west baltimore. the man was discovered just after it o'clock this morning in the 4200 block of park heights avenue. the man accused of burning down a tire store where he worked entered a guilty plea in court. jason hicks was sentenced to 10 years in prison with all the time served suspended. authorities say he must serve 100 hours of community service and for the burn unit at johns
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hopkins hospital. he flicked a lighter that set off a fire that the tire store. the store owner testified he did not want hicks to go to jail and would be willing to rehire him. >> follow through with some promises. that is what advocacy groups are urging the mayor to go through with tonight. they joined with organizations like the victims of racial profiling to ask the mayor to enforce a congressional act to cut down on racial profiling. the order prohibits racial profiling by baltimore city police as well as the use of local resources to enforce immigration laws. the order and to stop any differential treatment based on race, ethnicity, english language proficiency. >> local jurisdictions are taking it upon themselves to actively enforce immigration law. we know baltimore is better than that, has been better than that, and can be better than that. we want the mayor to put it in writing. >> advocates delivered a letter
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signed by more than 30,000 organizations and what does a petition urging the mayor to take swift action on the issue. >> just over one -- the have to come up with a plan to cut more federal spending. it seems there are now close to a deal. nicole is live with more on the super stallion. >> leaders from the house and senate did meet today to discuss the deficit deadlock, raising the stakes. >> a week after the day after tomorrow. >> a holiday hurry. >> they think we are the turkeys. they want us to stuff it. >> the deadline for super committee to trim 1.2 trillion dollars from the federal deficit over the next decade. >> if we do not move fairly
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soon, we will not take a good shot at the basket to beat the buzzer. >> with time running out, republicans have offered up several solutions including going against their pledge to raise taxes by offing -- offering 300 million in new revenue. >> i think the offer that the republicans put on the table is a fair offer. >> the blame democrats for failing to weigh in. >> we have laid something on the table. we have made an offer. we have been waiting for one week for an -- a counter offer. >> there are all kinds of rumors. i do not know what the proposal is. >> if no agreement is reached, tragic cuts could be administered to defense and other programs. >> failure is not an option. the american people expect us to get to work and do our job. >> bipartisan groups of lawmakers is expected to urge compromise and call on the super
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committee to go big and to take bolder action. reporting live from washington,nicole killian. >> the baltimore police to, received an award for the international association of chiefs for its work to get violent repeat offenders off of the streets. the work with correctional officers, carol, and probation agents. more than 300 warrants were served between 2010 and the 2011 and more than 150 people were arrested. >> still ahead, a number -- a member of our broadcasting shows his softer side. we will explain. >> the raven's return home this coming sunday, but john harbour do not -- does not see it as a cheesy, coming by any stretch. >> a local man takes the fight for his life overseas. >> rain stretching from the mid- atlantic all the way to the gulf
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coast. that what weather is moving in our direction. in baltimore it is still a mile. 66 degrees downtown.
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>> we have some sad news to pass along tonight. the father of the police commissioner died yesterday after a lengthy illness. our condolences to the commissioner and his family. tonight a local man is fighting for his life. the fight is taking him a long way from home. >> this groundbreaking surgery is the only thing that will help him. >> there's not much documentation on the spirit is still considered experimental. >> we caught up with chris lyles
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packing up for the trip of his life. he hopes it will save his life. he has a cancerous tumor in his trachea. radiation and chemotherapy helped shrink it but it is still there. >> a said it was too large to take out. a good 6.5 centimeters of my trachea and it out when centimeter down each bronchial tube. >> he could not find anyone in the u.s. to do the surgery. he looked at his record and agreed to help. >> he was one to use synthetic material and my own stem cells carry he will replace my trachea. everyplace the cancer touch, he will cut it out and replace it with a synthetic material. >> last july he performed the surgery successfully using a synthetic device. he says he will be the second patient to have the procedures using new techniques.
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>> he is a miracle doctor. it is such a great feeling to have somebody that's supportive and willing to help you out and wave his fees. >> the device that would be implanted comes from the u.s. his medical insurance will pay for nothing overseas. the cost will be $450,000 in the hospital in sweden would not schedule him until he came up with $150,000. his family helped him script together enough money to get him the surgery. >> what do you think about people putting dollar signs on your life? >> i would not let it get be depressed and get me down. i just hope that they take my situation can be a catalyst to kickstart this stuff here in the united states so that we do not have to travel to europe or in other country to get certain operations done. >> chris has lots of support and
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is very optimistic about his future and the success of the operation. after all, he says it has to go well for his 4-year-old daughter, erin. >> i want to see her get married and have kids. i want to be there for all of that. that is the reason i am going to do this. not for me. for her. i have to be there for her. surgery takes place on mcchrystal. if you want to make a donation for chris or follow him on facebook, you can go to and click on hot topics. >> broadcast team member is showing his softer side. the former raven's wide receiver recruited some furry friends to help them in the campaign against animal abuse. it shows athletes and animals with the message, "only a pont would hurt a cat or a dog." >> the orioles are going to be
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sporting a new for backing reforms this spring. the new 2012 design will be the cartoon bird from the 1970's and the 1983 season. it is the first time the club will wear it orange jerseys since 1992. that was the year that oriole park at camden yards open. it will be a home and wrote a version that this team will wear. there have been a number of different looks the team has taken throughout the year. them all on our web site, at the bb ltv -- >> a lot of cloudiness today. temperatures still above normal and only in little bit of rain so far. we will see color temperatures and a transition back to a normal november weather conditions over the next couple of days pretty can see a lot of showers coming through the mountains. that is heading in our direction and will be there tomorrow.
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a long the era of shower activity there is a low pressure system in texas' kicking up severe that her sons in eastern texas and western louisiana. that is riding along the front and will bring rain and and it reckoned colder air trade for the time being, this midpoint in november is unusually warm. we hit 68 degrees at the airport and 70 in downtown baltimore. the normal is only 57. we are still running way above that. slowly but surely we will get back to normal and even below normal before the week is over. temperatures in the 50's and 60's in the mountains. around baltimore the lows will be more like a typical mid november high. it will be in the 50's with a light wind and a shower. ec the cold air trip across the northern lights in the upper midwest, that is making its way south along this frontal boundary where the showers have been developing to the north and west of the front.
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on the warmer side of it, severe thunderstorms. the strikes and lock the front row boundary tomorrow so the rate will be more substantial. the cold in the upper midwest will follow up and sweep on in beginning thursday and into friday. temperatures will be back to normal. lighter a bounce on the lower eastern shore tomorrow but where it is warmer some thunder may develop and the showers tomorrow. as the system is leading us on thursday morning, it could mix with a little wet snow. the cold air tries to catch up with the oyster as the system is departing on thursday. thursday afternoon the sky clears out. friday should be a beautiful day with cords and the skies. a whole lot chillier. temperatures may not get out of the 30's. on the day tomorrow winds will be light for most of the day and start increasing in the
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afternoon and evening in a small craft advisory may be posted tomorrow night into thursday as the chilly air arrives trip to go from a cool rain tomorrow to snow showers on thursday where highs will be in the 30's on thursday. some kind of transition but not quite as severe. 60's on thursday. rain showers should end the day on thursday. the rain will continue a little long in ocean city. 50's 4 hawaii on thursday on the lower eastern shore. here comes november. turning full force by the end of the workweek. 60s for high tomorrow. barely into the low 50's on thursday. and little warm-up gets under way for the weekend. it should be good football weather on sunday. partly cloudy during the game. a slight chance for showers later in the afternoon on sunday. >> back from the road and with
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you at the britain's practice facility. the focus of the afc north with the cincinnati bengals coming to baltimore. the good news is the ravens are 4-0 at home. very difficult opponents coming in back-to-back games at home. the cincinnati bengals, like the ravens, 6-3. unlike the ravens, cincinnati lost last weekend to the pittsburgh steelers. the ravens are 2-0 against the steelers. they have had serious trouble with the cincinnati bengals. even though it looks like, is the place to be for the ravens, easy is not a word john harbrough would use to describe this coming week. >> there is nothing comfortable about what we are up against. it will be a fight. it is a team that we know and we understand. it will be a tough ball game terry >> much more tonight on
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ribbons one on one. you can hear our interview with former guest following tonight's newscast on wbal1090 am. if you would like to see the interview that is available on wbal plus. it is a big week ahead for matt stover on sunday. it will indict him into the new king of honor at the stadium. a member of the super bowl 35 team. the all-time leading scorer in franchise history. he retired from the nfl having scored 2004 points in his career. he goes into the ring of honor as the seventh inductee sunday at halftime of the bengals game. tough break for quarterback danny o'brien. his quarterback suffered a broken bone in this past weekend's loss to notre dame and it will put him into rehabilitation for 12 weeks.
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tens danny o'brien's season. the question is will it end his career? he deflected questions that he might transfer at the end of the season. the head coach says he thinks o'brien is happy and will return to the maryland the turks. we'll return right after this. -- maryland terps.
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>> in the wake of the penn state scandal, what a state senator is going to get tougher penalties for people who do not report child abuse in maryland. demonstrators are converging upon city hall for racial profiling. when the mayor needs to do to stop it. stop it. how the recent turn of
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>> is a little rainy out, perhaps. >> it is very warm. tomorrow a little bit cooler and the next a cooler. it will not be brittle it around here, but it will feel different. rainshowers coming through will be steadier. northwest of here in little what snow before it clears up a. chilly weather on friday. the ravens will sneak their game in ok. chevrotains is redeveloped sunday night going into monday. even then temperatures are back into the low 60s. we are not talking about a brutal november weather, just a transition. >> we are starting to see some below freezing nights. >> on sunday it would make it really warm. >> yes, it would. >> could i, everybody.
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